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About Funky Spaces

Funky Spaces is a platform for work, event and community spaces with a commitment to 'doing good' and a certain sparkle that makes them special. Coordinated by change agency modoto it showcases some of the best flexible and affordable offices, hot desks and meeting rooms our cities have to offer.

This is 'a learning not a listing' - no mere directory. Funky Space members are committed to meeting up, learning from and supporting each other. Our collective aim is to make sure people who need Funky Space, can find the one most suited to their needs. Every Funky Space has been vetted and rated for their 'funk' factor. To be on our site spaces need to offer at least four out of five of the following:

  • Affordable rents and flexible terms
  • Welcoming and good at mixing up different kinds of work/people
  • Supportive, collaborative, positive and accommodating for different needs
  • Comfortable, quirky and interesting physical spaces
  • To serve a purpose for the common good rather than just make money

Funky Space members who don't match up, or fail to get actively involved don't get their membership renewed.

The full agreement can be viewed here. To apply for membership please complete this form here.